Ciao! I'm Francesca and welcome to my little space on the net. I'm an award winning calligrapher based in the outskirts of Glasgow, West Scotland.

I was born into a Scottish Italian family of artists and musicians, and growing up I was inspired to follow in my Papa's footsteps and studied graphic design at university. Soon after graduating with an honours degree and working on freelance projects for many entrepreneurial start-up's; over the years my childhood obsession for calligraphy and stationery started to influence many of my designs.

So I decided to actively pursue this love and I have been so lucky to study under notable calligraphers and masterpenmen over the years. With this knowledge I combine a sharp eye for detail; merging old skills with new to create beautiful bespoke pieces of work for my wonderful clients.

When I'm not working or studying hard at my studio desk I can be found enjoying the sights of Florence; often in search of a decent gift shop…or good food.